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Hacienda la Florida


historia hacienda la florida Siglo XVIII 

At the end of the XVIII Century La Florida was owned by the Aveleira Family (Spaniard miners).

 Siglo XIX 

On 1813 an Argentinean soldier, Francisco de Paulo Otero, arrived as a farmer, and got married with Aveleira’s daughter, Petronila.

San martin arrived to Paracas on 1820 and sent Colonel Juan Antonio Alvarez de Arenales to the Highlands Campaign against the Spaniards with 1200 men, through Ayacucho, liberating Tarma, intendency of the central region of the country and finally stopping the Spaniards supply in Lima.

Francisco de Paulo Otero was appointed military political governor of Tarma City County.

Later, Francisco P. Otero took part in Junin, Ayacucho and some other battles, becoming the Major Liberating Government and first Civil Governor of Arequipa. For all these, Hacienda La Florida is declared a historical monument (1973).

On 1927, an Italian merchant, Esteban Gandolfo Peschiera purchased La Hacienda. He worked in agriculture and became famous as a cattle farmer. A good friend of him was Julio R. Ribeyro, who dedicated his most famous story to Mr. Esteban: “Silvio en el Rosedal” (Silvio at the Rose Garden).

The heir is José Da-Fieno Gandolfo who administrates La Hacienda up to this day.

Nowadays, La Hacienda La Florida has been successfully dedicated to the Tourist Ecological lodging for tourists from different parts of the world.

La Hacienda is still working as a farm with vegetables and artichokes sown fields; and lots of animals, of course.